Tuesday, June 06, 2006

How do I improve English ability through using English website?


Dictionary.com is solving English question online. Internet Movie Database has new and many the movies of information. Wikipedia has many information in any way. Google Earth is searching address in the world.

Dictionary.com helps us to solve English question, because it has thesaurus and search engine. It is easy to be using by its simple framework. Internet Movie Database can let you to realize the newly movie. It supply introduction of many movies. You also write thing of movie and watch movie trailers online. Wikipedia has extensive information in any way. It supply service in free. If you expert on something, you can write you article online. Google Earth can show picture of any place and recent satellite image of the location in the world by you entering some address.

Dictionary.com helps me to solve question of English. Internet Movie Database supply me entertainment in my free time. Wikipedia let me add more knowledge of many article. Google Earth helps me to planning trip of summer vacation. Due to these website that is English website, it add my English ability.

Monday, January 02, 2006

21 centuries of the environment and the life
Today"science" adulted then and new tool of the environment communication, "the millennium sees mankind's life continue" would be to have science according to of severals of"the environment hormone","the war symptoms","the vestigital agrochemical","the human body and poison" face to count for muchly, discuss the relation between person and environment, and with the principle of"the lasting grows to save", program the development point of"the environment of future and mankind existence".

According to the definition:"What the environment hormone point is the matter in the environment, having the imitation,strengthen,jam,resist the normal activity of the hormone inside the living creature body, or may influence the feed of the hormone inside the living creature body,regulate,combine,the metabolism reaction of the signal regenerate."Its dichotomy hormone inside the object influence how?Does its influence have another greatly?How estimate the bane?How take into the control?Explain the latency to are on all sides at us of a dominate the strength hugely, control the universal life in the as in of mysterious, such as ancients the alive or dead of the life,make an appeal to in"day" or"nature", now people then only and perhaps"the environment hormone", will cause the mankind perish.

Entering"battlefield" comes more the influence of the discussion environment upon the person and the ecosystem of the minute part, being the whole world warmly after discussing the war in Persian gulf, "the symptoms in Persian gulf" caused of because of ising still a fan of difficult solution, the progress that learns due to the weapon,soldier, the new war type has already spread the injury to the infinite puncture, in fine, the war of today no matter gain or loss, have to pay considerable price, this can also explain the person of greedy,the core of the conflict really is biggest disaster.
From the influence of the environment upon the person, mankind for acquiring more food sources, with the maintenance on the earth the life contained, using the medicine of various type to increase the production of the farm crop;A short time will make poisonous inside probably and really canning reach the anticipant effect, but abuse the agrochemical, tracing to origins through vegetative chain, the end still has to be undertaken by mankind.

Learn the standpoint with the poison to see the hazard of the modern people existence, the modern people disease of because of, generalize for:The pollution of the environment,food is unrestrained and abuses the medicine and lives to be out of balance.The direction that cures the origin does not announce the healthy living importance outside, the important personses can create idea of safeguarding the good fluid matter, avoid the heavy metals pollution and the disaster that keeps off the organic melting agent, develop the idea and habit of the balanced food and the moderation alcohol, don't abuse the antibiotics and eliminate inflammation the medicine,drug and various harmful medicine, mickey - mouse the quality of the exaltation life, the life sustaining normal balance develops.

Aiming at the population puts forward acupuncturing after passing increase of way, being the people can't ignore the population burst, oppressing the feeling since then the chaperonage, hence under the condition of can't two mutually well-found, we certanly will adopt the compromised heavy allocation mode, don't let to is the biosphere of the integral whole originally, under the condition of this vicious cycle, breaking the original lovely view of the great universe.Move forward 21 centuries at the mankind, hope the people of the Taiwanese island, to match the current of thought that the nature and man unites as one, speak out the essence of some reality that we realize, even want to surmount the modern turbulence society of the back of that instability, tell the oneself"what can we also realize?""Then change what?""Believe what is the expectation that carries on past traditions and opens up a way for those who follows?""How rebuild?""How lasting?"Hold my generation of carrying the alive or dead, even want to work hard to deliberate!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I like the movie types of Action and Comedy. And Mr. & Mrs. Smith is the movie I like the most.It does not only make me fun but also have a veriety of actions. They are both the types what I like.
"Mr. & Mrs. Smith" is told us about A married couple both have a secret: they are both assassins who kill people for a living. But, the biggest secret is that they don't know that the other is also an assassin. This problem becomes even bigger when they learn the each other's secret and are instructed to kill the other.
"Mr. & Mrs. Smith" is the best movie that I have ever seen. I'd like to introduce this movie to all of you. It is really a wonderful movie. Trust me, you will have the same feelings after you watching this movie, "Mr. & Mrs. Smith".